August 23rd, 2004

Fallon bat

And I've been asking everyone I meet, what is love.

Hoppie is damaged. He injured his ankle on his way to work on Friday. It's hard negotiating our schedule with his injury. I don't really know why it affects me. I know the solution is to return to making lists of the things I have to do and bring to wherever the hell I have to be next, but it feels like a sign of weakness. On the other hand, it beats the hell out of compensating for my forgetfulness later.
Andy and Meredith gave me a refrigerator. When Paul helps me drag it into work later, I'll post the pictures from the weekend. At least we got to stay in this Friday. Rocker was boycotting outside because his father had more of his stoner whore friends over, and they like to paw through (and take) Rocker's stuff, which for some reason Rocker finds irritating, so he was presiding, dragon-like, over his hoard. We couldn't have gone out anyway. I needed to bake Derby Pie (for legal reasons, called Maker's Mark Chocolate Pecan Pie, but we all know what that means, Derby Pie, yum!) for brunch on Sunday. I made my first ever non-alcoholic Derby Pie (which I suppose for technical accuracy we can call Chocolate Pecan pie.) I didn't try any, but reviews state that the pie was edible.
We saw Hoppie's parents for the first time this month. They're going away on hoppie's dad birthday trip this week, so that's exciting for them. They gave us tomatoes, summer squash, green beans, and green peppers, so that's exciting for us. I'm going to make gazpacho. Because I can. And you can't stop me, muhhahahhahhahahhahahahhhahahaha. I'm going to hit a farm stand either tonight or Wed for the rest of the ingredients. The tomatoes need a bit more ripening.
Solies wants me to post a poll, but he didn't give a topic.
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