August 25th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

The girl thang

anjillmarie and I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday for her birthday. (Don't ask why I got one for her birthday, I just did.) It was wonderful. They put us in the massage chairs with the whirlpool tubs for our feet. I felt sooooooo relaxed. I actually tried blue nailpolishes and I think they look good on me. I don't normally stray from pinks and purples, but I was feeling adventureous.
Went to Pho for lunch with The Usual Suspects. We ran into Warren who shows up in the blog from time to time. He was the guy who had my office before I did. I should have told him I upgraded the decor with a refridgimator.
Afterwards solies and I went to Annie's to check the latest crop of book. She had an Alan Sherman album so I made her play "One Hippopotomi" for Solies. On the way back, Solies and I planned Collapse )
Then we worked on Truely, Madly Viking: The Next Act. Solies found a solution to blinkymadison's problem. Contract out the viking dialogue.