November 24th, 2004

Fairytale Princess Amy

It's been said and I've been told

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I burned my finger last night. It doesn't hurt, didn't when I burned it either, but the pad of my finger feels odd and for someone reason I have this uncontrollable desire to rub against it and let it feel odd.
I think I forgot to take my migrane meds yesterday. I remembered today. Oooh, I should reorder, but I think the migrane last night was a result of not taking my ounce of prevention. I also think today's migrane is attributable to the same cause. Or else it isn't. It could be idiopathic. I like that word. idiopathic. Mmmmm. He's not heavy. He's idiopathic. I'm on my last refill and then I have to go back and see my neurologist. I guess that means I should straighten my life out in the next month so I can get my drugs and not have to go back for awhile. Hrm. I thought I'd gotten over my fear of chemical dependancy, but writing the last sentence made me feel all shivery and scared inside. Can't be helped. Life without the drugs is really too painful to live. And the chilling reality of that penetrates even the migrane fog I'm in right now.
Wow. Cool text drift. This may be more fun than I'd thought.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

Ice Cream Party: Part 4 (The untold story)

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Noah: Blah, blah, Emma, blah.
Dwarak: *mumbles something*
Emma: You boys talking about me?
Noah: I was just telling Dwarak that the who to the whatzit in foo minor is something that you'll be handling.
Emma: Oh, well, allow me to add some facts to your wild speculations.
Noah: Oh, no need. I'm good.
Emma: But I must!
Noah: No, it's really unnecessary. I much prefer conversations in which I can disseminate misinformation unchecked.
Emma: Oh, well, in that case, carry on!
Noah: No, I really should be getting back to work now, if I can remember what I'm working on.
Emma: Well, it's pretty much down between "writing" and "nagging" isn't it?
Noah: Sometimes, if it's a well written email, I can do both at once!
Emma: Well thank goodness for multi-tasking.
Noah: But it's writing. I have a break from those interminable meetings.
Emma: Lovely. I hope it lasts through the break.
Noah: Me too. Cheerio.
(Noah wanders away)
Solies: You only encourage him, you know.
Emma: Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
Solies: You egg him on, like an omelet.
Egga: I know. I'm a terrible person.
Solies: Egg. Egg. Egg.
Egga: That hurts coming from the man who just bought a brand new Jokermobile off the profits from the banner ads running on the site that keeps itself in business by publishing fictionalized conversations with me.
Solies: You need an egg hat, Egga.
Emma: Keep talking, bright boy, I still have my mountain lions...
Solies: ...which you got from your share of the banner ads running on the site that keeps itself in business by making you famous, Miss Bite the Hand that Feeds Your Mountain Lions.
Emma: And that's exactly what happened.
Jumpie: I'm unclear on the progression that results in mountain lions with surgerically implanted tasers sleeping in my bed.
Emma: Oh! You never listen to me!
Fairytale Princess Amy

Stalking (Thanksgiving bonus for Solies)

Emma decides she is hungry and goes to Solies office looking for Solies.
Emma: Hrm. No Solies here.
Emma goes to Lanna's office looking for Solies.
Emma: Hey, Lanna, have you seen Solies?
Lanna: No, Emma, I haven't. But if I see him, I'll definitely say something about you looking for him.
Emma: Something good?
Lanna: Probably not. It's not been a good day.
Emma: I'll just go see if Blinky knows where he is.
Emma goes to Blinky's office looking for Solies. Blinky is on the phone. Dejected Emma heads back to her own office. On the way, she sees Solies duck behind a pole.
Emma: (goes up to Solies) Have you been following me?
Solies: No, I was just reading this notice conspicuously posted on the pole. See! The notice says....
Emma glares at Solies, apparently unconvinced.
Solies: ...yes.
Emma: How long?
Solies: Since you left your office.
Emma: You've been following me since I left my office! Why?
Solies: Because I'm hungry. It's lunch time!
Emma: But...I...why didn't you say something?
Solies: Well, I didn't want to go to lunch with you if you were going to ask annoying coworkers to go.
Emma: ...
Solies: Other than me, of course.
Emma: Of course.
Solies: Lunch?
Emma: Lets.
(Emma, Blinky, Solies, and Lanna leave for lunch)