January 27th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

Dream of Lanna and the note

I've been having trouble remembering them for more than a minute or so after I wake up.
Today's dream seemed to repeat a couple of times in different ways, but I can't remember enough details of the pot luck lunches to understand why they were important.
What I really remember most is Collapse )
Fairytale Princess Amy

Oh, the pain, the pain.

I can feel the migrane ratcheting down. Which is a good thing, because I think I might have had to be violently ill. I may yet, as I notice I suddenly feel queasy, which shouldn't be from the drugs because I took them on top of food.
Ow. Freaking pain. So much for ratcheting back. Maybe it's just the dying gasp. I hope. Hoppie was saying yesterday he could actually feel my head throbbing. He'll do that sometimes, just hold his hand where I say it hurts and feel the pulsating of my strained blood vessels. I haven't figured out if that's romantic, or creepy. How do you tell the difference?
Do I define pain, or does pain define me? (I almost typed "does pain defy me." which would have been amusing in entirely different way. Pain does not defy me. Pain works for me.)
I saw Robin TheOther Midwife today (say that like you would Bernard Cardinal Law, that's how I always say it.) and she said not to worry about the spikes. They look sharp, but in the scope of things, they normalize. She gave me a list of tasks and things to monitor and told me to come back in a month.
Collapse )
I wonder if my insurance will pay for this, given that there's probably nothing wrong with me, but I've decided it was something that needed to be done, although perhaps not yet, and if there is a problem, I'd rather see it now than it bloom unmonitored.
Now I feel faint. Go figure. I wish I felt like eating more of the food I brought, but I'm getting flip-flops just thinking about it.
If I don't eat it now, I'll bring it home. Hoppie will be excited to get it. Not sure of what I wanted, I picked up (wait till you hear this:)
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I ate most of the bagel. That's probably enough. And I had some of the demon water.
Oh, I got chips too, but I can't eat them. They crunch too much and hurt my head.
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