January 31st, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy


Just reading mail from Friday.
Rocker's brother sent a mail to me, rocker, and hoppie asking if "Tom H." (presumably hoppie) wanted anything special for the party. Both rocker and hoppie are "Tom H."
Yesterday I watched most of Faith Rewarded. I was up to the parade when hoppie came home. I wish I had something in my life that I felt as passionate about as some of the passion I saw in the compilation. The thing I hate the most about baseball is the breakups. Seeing all those men who aren't Red Sox anymore is kinda bittersweet.
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Went out with Tril yesterday. We went to New England Mobile Bookfair and hoppie got a shirt.
Me: Did you see what I got you?
Hoppie: Yes. Where did it come from?
Shirt says on it in big letters as part of the logo New England Mobile Bookfair. I just look at him.
Hoppie: I mean how did you get it? Did you buy it?
Me: Depends what you mean by buy...
Hoppie: Uh oh. Did you pay for the shirt.
Me: Not as such, no.
Hoppie: How much did you have to buy to not pay for the shirt.
Me: They gave me a choice of a shopping bag, a Tshirt, or a pound of coffee!
Hoppie: I sense that you're changing the subject. I'll go along with it for now, but later, I'll be asking you how many books you bought.
Me: Um...
Hoppie: Uh oh.
Me: More than 10!
Hoppie: More than 20?
Me: Um, I think so.
Me: 25. That's like half of a 50 book challenge.
Hoppie: So you'll only be buying 25 more books this year? That's fair.
Me: Uh oh.

We also went to the Container Store. I got a folding shelf for the kitchen, and square shelves for the closet. Now that I'm thinking about, I worry that the wire will imprint themselves into the clothing, but I figure we'll give it a try first. I bought three of the wire stackables, and my intention is to make a set of shelves in the closet to help defray the effects of some of hoppie's Tshirts. I know, I know, I'm part of the problem, but I'm trying to become part of the solution as well.
I had a good time spending the morning with Tril. I also finally got the Bat Mitzvah girl's present and shipped it off. I hope she likes it. It's not what I would have gotten her, but she permitted herself to be guided by hoppie's suggestion. I loved these books when I was her age (hell, I'd still like I set. If it weren't for the fact that I was going to NEMBF right afterwards, I might have picked up a set for myself.). I loved that fact that there were all there parables and stories, and analogies. So we'll see.

I picked up a David D'or album while I was getting the Bat Mitzvah present. It turned out to not be the album I was looking for (although I just called and they're going to hold it for me), but I've discovered that I really like his music even if I can only translate about half of it.

Had a great time shopping and being girly with Tril. In some ways, except for the car, it feels just like heading down to the UC bookshop and stocking up. I started rereading Around the World in 80 Days which is bad because I'm really in the middle of 3 other books I should finish first, but the annotated version they had at NEMBF looked really cool, and it is really cool. I need to look for more in that series.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot what.