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February 1st, 2005 - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love. — LiveJournal

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February 1st, 2005

07:14 am - Dreaming
Horrible dreams last night, and I kept waking up. Hoppie would keep asking me, "Are you awake?" and I'd say, "yes." and he'd ask why. I'm supposed to be asleep. He's like if you were really asleep, this whisper wouldn't bother you, (which sets up some disturbing possibilities, really.)
Hoppie abandons me at my parentsCollapse )
Pink roses or please don't let me dieCollapse )
Posting the bandsCollapse )
And now I feel sick and icky and I really can't afford the time off from work, so I have to think about what I want to do. I guess I'll go. Feh.

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03:32 pm - The value of opinion.
Ah, opinions.
There are as many opinions about opinions as there are opinions themselves. (Um, no there aren't. Because then all the opinions would be about opinions and that would be stupid. Just stick to the script okay? No more ad libbing.)
There are many schools of thought on the value of opinions. [Better?] (Much. Thank you. Please continue.) [I can't remember what I was talking about.] (Well, whatever you do, don't make it up, you suck at that.)
Part of me feels I should continue this rant, and part of me thinks the best part was the second line of this post and that anything else I could say would be anticlimatic.
Let's just leave it at that.
A writer, a poet, a scholar (from kayranord)Collapse )
HaikusCollapse )
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Various Artists - Mr- Vain
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04:47 pm - today's stupid discovery
"doc" comes out "sox" when you have one hand on the wrong keys.
Current Mood: curiouscurious
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