February 4th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

Crashing the barriers

Snape and Lupin as Fraggles
First day I felt worse after I got to work than before I left the house. I'm going to see my GP at some point anyway, if I still feel bad then, I'll ask him what's wrong with me. The hypocondriac in me, thinks it's the beginnings of ulcers. The practical part of in me thinks it's the hypocondriac in me.

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I got paid an interesting compliment yesterday. I was told I was one of the most geniune, straight-forward people my lunch companion had ever hung with. I am who I am with no apologies, no excuses. I laughed and said I hate people like that. The only people I've ever met who said that's how they were used it as an excuse to belittle and insult others. (Well, I'm honest, and I have to tell you that you suck. And you have no defence, because I'm being honest and sharing my feelings, and that automatically makes me better than a) you and b) pretty much everyone else too.)
I hope that's now how I use it.
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