February 23rd, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy


I had a glitch with email yesterday. If you sent me something, you probably already know it failed, because of the evil bounce you got, but you may resend it now. Dan the sysadmin has fixed it.

RowanCat was pretty miffed at me this morning. Apparently I should have tried to tough it out last night. I changed the literbox and refilled her water and food dishes. Also did some shoveling to clear out some of the snow.

Last night, after driving barely the speed limit home, wondering how stupid I was, and if I should be driving, and wondering if calling hoppie to come get me would have been a more intelligent alternative to inflicting my addled self on the evening commute, I threw myself in bed with my cold gel mask, which I think is supposed to do something makeup related like prevent dark circles under one's eyes, but which I use to apply cool pressure to my eye region when I have a headache. Hoppie thinks I should get one for the office instead of headbutting my errant coworkers. Maybe he's got a point. I thought it would be hard to work through and he pointed out they do have eyeholes. karnil, how much is yours, and can it be chilled?

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Oh, and one more thing. I talked to hoppie last night (after the drugs kicked in, and well after the above related story) about shopping for shelves. And I told him what I really wanted was to get more of those stackable shelves.
"They stack?" He asked.
And we talked about it and he's nearly convinced me the cost differential (40$ for a 5 shelf bookshelf vs 138$ for a 6 shelf bookcase) might be worth it given the higher quality of the bookcase, and the ease of use, packability, setup, etc. We just may not be able to accrue them as fast, but if we buy one set every couple of weeks, it should be manageable.
We're going to hit the Container Store at some point to check them out.