March 24th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

That's why they call me bad company

I had recurring dreams of inadequacy last night. Hoppie says it's karmic retribution for scoring myself a hottie the night before.
All I remember from it now is sitting around the table in the cabin a bunch of us were staying in. Through the window I could see Solies walking up to the pushing a very large plushy moose (although it could stand on it's own, so it wasn't a boneless plush moose. It was a very long time from when I initially spotted him to when he walked in the door.

I can't remember if I discussed this in the Vegas trip entries, but I discovered my super power has a second component to it. I can find moving objects from long distances. It's relevant because it happened again in my dream, spotting solies long before anyone else, but I did the same thing in Vegas repeatedly. I don't think I've had this ability before, but I've noticed it since, so I think it must be an evolved power that sprang from my pre-existing powers of location. There must be a practical application that allows me to exploit my super powers. Of course in a grand case of "physician, heal thyself," I did not even realize my cellphone had gone missing until the building receptionist called me with it.
So go figure.
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