April 15th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

Random stuff

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So hoppie and I had the official anniversary dinner yesterday. I made eggplant lasgana and we unthawed and ate our wedding cake.
**except from precake discussion with hoppie**
Hoppie: If it's freezer-burned, I only have to eat the one piece, right?
I brought hoppie's present to me in to work. It's cuddly and cute and makes purring noises. He says he knows I would have preferred a tiger, but it's still cute.
We got a present from my great Aunt Diane too. A china elephant candle holder for good luck and a humourous "Happy Anniversary" figurine. Cards from MeeMaw and Mom and Dad.
**except from yesterday's conversation with the parents**
Me: Thanks for the card, Dad.
Dad: Oh, your welcome, sweetheart....
Me: You have no idea what it's for, do you?
Dad: Not a clue. Didn't even know we sent you a card. Your mother hands those things.
Mom: But, you mailed it!

Also something good happened to me today. If you're curious what, you can email me.