April 20th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

Between installations

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I was going to make a poll, but then I realized I wasn't funny enough to even make me smile. If I can't be funny enough to make myself smile in the afternoon, I'm simply not funny. So alas. No poll.
As those of you with appropriately marked calendars might have noticed, it's time for me to go home again.
I know, you can't go home again, but no one told my parents, so home we go.
Hoppie is going to a race with Brian. I have no idea what race he's going to because I forgot what he said, and when I tried to look it up at the Kentucky Motor Speedway page, they don't actually have a race this weekend. Brian could be working any race within a day's drive of Louisville. That should be fun for hoppie. A whole day with my brother and my cousin. Actually, he'll probably relish the time away from my parents.