May 16th, 2005

Drakken glee

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D & C were talking this morning about the pathetic losers who go to the Star Wars midnight shows, and they heard about someone who was bringing his wife and they were contemptuous of the idea that anyone going to a midnight showing would have a wife. What's with the disrepecting of female geeks? I admit I'm not going to a midnight showing but that's because, like all good geeks, I hate crowds, and I'm not particularly fond of the work Lucas has done with the last two, and I suspect this one will be worse. However, like all good geeks, I'll be going eventually, and probably to a 10:00 or a midnight showing somewhere after the first few weeks when the crowds die down. Unless Rocker and Hoppie choose to not drag me to this one. In which case, I'll just be greatful.
Or I'll sneak out and go with some girlfriends.
Girl GEEK friends.
Yeah. Those.