May 25th, 2005

Black Canary

Friends alive? Call 'em in.

What a strange week this is turning out to be.
I got an reply on Monday to an email I wrote in March that allowed me to connect with a dear friend with whom I haven't spoken in awhile, (Tril, if you're dying to know, three words, "Math is hard.")
And then just now I got an email from a friend that I don't think I've heard hide nor hair from in 6 or 7 years. Maybe 5. It's been a long time, though.
Somedays I feel like a nexus point. Not a real person, just a person that other people connect through. I wonder if recruiters feel like that. Like an octopus with a switchboard. "Hello...Hello....This is Rosemary the operator speaking, now connecting you with desired party."
Fairytale Princess Amy

Speaking of octopus

Picture if you will:
(Me on my office phone on a 3:00PM conference call.
     (Noah comes by and starts talking to me about updates to a product
      we're working on.
          (Lanna calls to find out what I wanted to talk to her about.)
      Noah completes his conversation and leaves.)
Fairytale Princess Amy

New product announcement.

Giggly Spokesmodel: What the hell is that ringing?
Announcer: That's HELLPhone! The latest in cellular technology. It rings in theatres. It rings on airplanes. It resists any attempts to turn it off. It evades ALL cellphone blockers. With HELLphone, you'll never be out of touch.
Mom: I used to have a hard time finding my teenage son, but with HELLphone, he never misses a call!
Announcer: That's right, HELLphone sends an electric shock to your body wherever you are. Simply program it with a drop of your blood, and you don't even have to carry it around. HELLphone will find you.
Sexy Salesguy: I used to have the worst problem with people stealing my cellphone. Now with HELLphone, I never have to worry.
Announcer: That's right. HELLPhone will kill anyone who steals your phone and suck their body dry for additional battery life. Finally, your loss is your gain!
Giggly Spokesmodel, Mom, and Sexy Salesguy We love our HELLphones!
Son: (Looking crispy) Love. HELLphone. (collapses)
Announcer: Moms, Dads, Children, and Businessmen all love the way HELLphone has changed their life. Buy them for the whole family. Buy them for the whole office. Buy them now! And ask about our special employee discount! You have nothing to lose...
Creepy Voiceover: But your souuulllllllll
Announcer:o lifestyle. Say, "Hello!" to HELLphone and, "Goodbye!" to dropped or missed calls, no coverage zones, and phone thieves forever!