June 7th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

The rest of the day

I curbed the impulse to go shopping and spend lots of money. Or at least, I sublimated by going to REECW's shop and picking up the Crunchie I never gave hoppie all those many moons ago. REECW seems quite happy on day 1 of his not working for Widget 1. He was happily ordering the UPS guy around. His wife wasn't in, but there was another guy working the register.
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Hoppie mowed the lawn which muchly required it.
It didn't rain last night.
And I absolutely trounced my own high score on Pokéman pinball.
Happy Birthday, solies.
And I'm really amused by this Kosher style website.
Shego seductive

Call em in

I have 107 days left on my paid account. I can transfer it to one person. If you want it to be you, comment. If you can include a reason, that's nice, but not required.
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