June 8th, 2005

A general Sluggy "blek"

Naked and bare

First off, in administrivia: I transfered the account to a high school student with an upcoming birthday.
Last night hoppie and I went shopping after work.
I returned some DVDs and picked up the 2nd Kim Possible GBA game. This should make E. very happy. Of course, he needs to make it through KP1 first, but still.
Then we went to the Big K. They are doing major inventory clearance to prep for the new K/Sears look. We picked up a couple of flash drives and a memorystick for hoppie reasonable prices. We also got a couple of poker sets. While hoppie was fiddling about with them, one set, a 200 chip set in an aluminum case launched itself at me. I caught it on the back of my hand (I actually did catch it), but now I'm in pain. The swelling wasn't so bad that I had to take my ring off, but the bruising was. So now my entire right limb (hand and wrist, mostly) is entirely bare of adornment. No ring. No watch (remember, the mosquito bites. Almost gone now!) And I'm sorta afraid to wear earrings because I'm worried what sort of tragedy it might invite.
I am tired of inviting tragedy. I should like very much to invite celebration.