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July 18th, 2005 - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love. — LiveJournal

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July 18th, 2005

05:31 pm - A jumble of dreams last night
In one of the dreams, I was on some sort of task force with a bunch of people including BEF. In the briefing room, or auditorium or whatever, he was sitting behind me. At one point in the dream, I snuck into the men's locker room (?) and stole his file so I could see whether he was only there because he was stalking me (paranoid much?). I slipped the folder, which was bright blue, into a plain manilla folder so no one would suspect I had one of the team member's personnel folder. I remember reading through, and I even remember some of what it said, like "Current residence: unknown" and it had a bunch of things about his service record and stuff. I didn't decide conclusively that he was stalking me, but there's no getting away from the fact that he was sitting directly behind me while I was reading his folder. Hoppie was sitting next to me.
Later in the dream, we got into a fight. The fight was supposed to be real, but all of the action was simulated. I was simulating punches and kicks though. The guy I was fighting stroked my face. So I tickled him for real. And when people asked about it, I explained that touching me was a sissy sort of fighting move. Then they stole our guns, including my machine gun. I got one back, but since it was simulated, I didn't actually fire, so I don't know if actually hit anyone as they made off with the guns. It was odd.
In another dream, hoppie was covered with nature. I don't think he was covered with grass, but there were a lot of weeds growing on him. I started picking the weeds off, and he complained that there weren't any weeds on him. I just looked at him. He was covered stem to stern in weeds and grass. And it seemed to be growing out of him.
He insisted there wasn't any. Well, except for, and he plucked a weed from the very top of a particular grass and weed covered apendage, this one.
There were mushrooms too. Very strange. Very. Strange.

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