July 20th, 2005

Kimber sad

And afterwards...

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Okay, this morning it was funny. Now, after the third, fourth, and fifth times I've seen it, it's becoming a bit lame.
I do want to add my sympathies the collective on the subject of James Doohan's passing. It's not surprising, but it does make me feel sad. Scotty, I hope you beamed up as gently as you tried to make the beaming up for others.
Edit: Oh, and a reboot seems to have fixed my CF reader
KP little black dress for any occasion

Valley girl documentation

Arrived is like totally calculated by totally totalling up the amount of material, you know, like the material, that arrived at the steps that are like so associated with the area during the bitching reporting period, ya know?
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Marci in love

Sexy jewboy

I'm going to be in the same ball park as Gabe Kapler.
Such fangirl squeeing you have never before seen!
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