September 19th, 2005

Marci in love

My weekend in the garlic capital of the Northeast

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We had a great time at the Garlic Festival. We got there a little later than we expected because we can't tell the difference between Main Street and East Main Street on a map. And considering it's a small town in a small state, they're really not that close together. Anyway, we eventually got there.
We came in near the main stage, paid our 4$ and got a garlic stamp and a map. First we headed up to get some food. Hoppie got keilbasa and we got got garlic and potato perogies. Then we wandered around looking at the art being displayed. We caught the tale end of Sally Ally Muffin Stuffin (seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up). She was doing a play about evil town councils with some help from the audience. We also caught some of the Akhila Ananth, Barthanatium- classical Indian dance workshop & performance. We went around and looked at all the displays, while listening to whatever music was playing on the main stage.
I bought a pendant which I will hopefully turn into a necklace.
Hoppie got a couple of shirts.
We bought some local brand sauces and I got some honey shampoo. (If you see me, let me know what you think.)
Then we tried to get some garlic ice cream, but they'd sold out. We were able to get little tasting samples, so we know it was good and got to feel even more depressed about not getting any. We did get some ice cream in compensation though: hoppie got coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks and raspberry swirl (three geeks and a redhead, it's called) and I got their peanutbutter mud pie, which was peanutbutter ice cream with chocolate chunks and a chocolate swirl.
While we were eating them, we listened to a garlic grower give us some basic garlic gardening tips. It was interesting, but we're so NOT spraying our garlic with fish guts. It's just not happening. I don't care how freaking good it's supposed to make them grow.
However, we did buy their fish gut sprayed garlic in a couple of different varieties: Russian Red, German North, Bogatyr, and I got no idea what all we have. I will look them up fir there's interest in knowing.
Anyway, something for hoppie to play with.
We also learned that he might be harvesting them too late. Better early than late in this case, apparently.
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I can't remember the second dream now. I'm sure it will come back to me. Or maybe it won't.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Renewal happy

My BJs membership is going to expire January 2008. (It's not my fault. They keep giving me the option to renew for 15 months for half the price of 12 months.) I wonder if you can bequeath BJs subscriptions.