November 9th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

I vote to not be eaten by giant killer worms

Again, I've lost most of this dream in the rush of morning, but
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I did not vote yesterday: Here's why (in script form):
Radio: Today is election day in Boston with Mayor Menino (Mumbles) fighting (ha!) to keep his job...
Me: Election day? Hrm. I don't remember hearing anything about it. I must remember to look up and see if I have anything to vote on.
Me: I haven't voted today.
Solies: Me either!
Me: I'm not sure if I have anything to vote on.
Solies: I do!
Me: Hrm.
Later than Later...
Me: So you see, we have nothing to vote on.
Hoppie: Is it the second Tuesday already?
Me: Yes.
Hoppie: We should vote.
Me: But we have nothing to vote on. Not like Solies and Rocker they get to elect school board and city council.
Hoppie: I vote we eat dinner tonight.

Okay, maybe that isn't exactly what happened, but it could have been.
I'm laughing at the superior intellect

I didn't know I could do that

I can touch type with one finger on the SHIFT key for multiple words at a time. It's not that I want this talent mind you, I'm just surprised I could do it. I was changing the database names in a table from lower case to ALL UPPERCASE and I was able to touch type, perfectly accurately, with one finger on a shift key, moving seamlessly back and forth between the shift keys as needed without an appreciable decrease in speed. That's amazing. I never knew I could do that. And of course, I'm the only one who cares.
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