December 25th, 2005

Fairytale Princess Amy

9:00 and all's frazzled

So I'm already behind, on my task list for this morning. I wake up hoppie right after I get up and he says, "What have you done so far." Heh heh heh. "Nothing, honey, I just woke up."
But be that as it may, I've decided to blog my crafting emergency.
I'm crimping the first crimpt on my MIL's necklace, and my crimper snaps. I mean, one of the blades just snaps off the handle and flies away. I freaked. There's just no polite way to say it. Christmas Eve, I'm not finished with my gifts and my crimping tool dies.
Hoppie's suggesting alternatives, like buying a new set. "On Christmas Eve? Nothing will be open." I could use his pliers. I'm like, "But I've got my own pliers." Hoppie says, "Rocker probably has a crimper. He does a lot of rewiring!" Argh. It'll be too big and won't have the double crimp this one has. Finally, I calm down enough to call Michael's the local massive chain craft store. I get the circular for this week, and lo! It has holiday hours. They're open Christmas eve until 6. It's 5:30.
We scramble to get out of the house and to our nearest Michaels (the one in Chelmsford, not particularly far from lain_mac and lizzielizzie (although I confess, we did not go visiting). We get there with between 10 and 7 minutes to spare.
I got my crimper, some jump rings, and a few oddments, because as hoppie points out, this is it until we get back, might as well pick up anything I think I might need. Then we left with 5 minutes to spare. We weren't even the last ones out.
Happy Channukah and Merry Christmas, and Happy Solstice. If I missed anyone, Just steal the happy and run with it.
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