January 16th, 2006


Weekend wind-up

I had this long diatribe planned. I was going to start it with the cut tag, "Tell me again how the refs always favor the Pats" and end it with a scathing denunciation of the entire game which about as far from playoff caliber on both sides, as you can get, as exemplified by the punt return fumble and the false start penalty on an extra point kick. Why is anyone moving at all on the extra point kick?! I was going to decry. I had never seen such a thing.
But then Indianapolis took the same penalty yesterday, and I just decided the entire weekend was a waste and there was simply no point in discussing it.
So last night, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I consulted a lunar chart. And sure enough, Saturday night was the full moon. And suddenly it all made sense.
Oh and one more comment. The only two good plays in the Denver/New England game were the interception at the end zone and hundred-yard run, followed immediately by the Ben Watson tackle. Other than that, it was a pretty suck game.

If people were interested in a game night at my house, I could probably clear enough space in the kitchen to seat 8 comfortably. We have a bunch of games, including at least three trivia type games (Harry Potter, Genus 5, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and 2 different book lovers), Gone with the Wind (heh heh heh), A couple of rail games (Empire Builder and Iron Dragon), Clue, 13 Dead End Drive (which is great, because you get drop chandeliers on people's heads), Kosherland, Illuminati NWO...I forget what all, and of course, people can bring games. Just let me know if there's some interest.

I'm a little annoyed because I can't walk into an electronics store and buy an accessory for my electronic gadget. It's not some odd, internet-only, one off, rare technological marvel, it's a PalmPilot. Remember those? The things you display on a tiny itsy, bitsy 5" shelf, and claim to sell. I need a cradle. It's the second most common accessory for a PalmPilot, right after styluses. And damnit, I want one! And I particularly want to buy it from Best Buy because I have gift certificates to Best Buy that I can never use because they never sell anything I want to buy! Their selection is horrible and their prices are equally bad. And I was stealing myself up to pay whatever they asked, just to get rid of the freaking gift cards, but, naturally, they don't have what I want. Of course, neither did Circuit City. The office supply stores came closer to having what I wanted, but I finally ended up ordering it online and tucking the gift cards away for the next time Best Buy doesn't have something I want.
Of course that's getting off-topic. What I really wanted to mention is what they replaced it with. They shrunk down the cellphones and pocket computers section to replace it with a massive iPod and iPod accessories section. The MP3 players (other than the annoyingly capitalized iPod) take their usual 5" section (only instead of being vertical, it's now horizontal).
I know this will offend my friends list exceedingly, but, honestly, how many docking stations, speaker stands, headphones, earbuds, cases,...have to be made in all white to satisfy this deviant longing for what amounts to no more than an mp3 player.

Dreams were weird. First half of the night I spent trying to rescue family from zombies in an oddly mechanical environment. Lots of metal. Second half of the night I spent in this ridiculous long peach gown. I freaking hate the colour peach. It wasn't especially unflattering, but I was...hrm...how to put this...as hoppie's boss would say, lonely. And I spent most of the dream expecting that to change, or in the process of changing it. while wearing the peach dress. For some reason, the peach dress continued to feature itself in the dream. I don't really get it.

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32 days till pitchers and catchers report. Just in case you were wondering.