February 1st, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

Garnet connudrum

Edit: I think I've now fixed all the pictures so they a) show up and b) link to larger images.
In my Monday post I mentioned this brilliant idea for a garnet and mother of pearl heart necklace.
So I've started working on it.
So far I've designed it two ways and neither way am I completely happy with. Worse of course is that I didn't my high powered filters to provide detail, so it's hard to judge what's wrong based on these pictures. (Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.)
This is design number 1.
Garnet and MoP
It's just the way I envisioned it originally, except the garnet is so dark, it doesn't really provide the red glow I was expecting. (also, you'll notice I left in one of the rondells by mistake, since I took these pictures the day after I did my original designing.)
This next image might be better.

So I redesigned it, still keeping the design simple with green rondelles providing additional sparkle.
But I'm still not crazy about it.
My latest scheme, which I started to try this morning involves (an even harder to see picture, if that were possible) using red seed beads in either size 11 or size 8 to provide a more red sparkle. Here's the beginnings of that.

Also there are more pictures of these designs at my Jewelry gallery.
I thought I'd mentioned the jewelry I made for myself at some point, but I guess I didn't. Which is odd because I'm really delighted at the way the set turned out. Better than I'd hoped even. This is made up largely of beads I couldn't resist, and some that I bought with Channukah gift certificateness that hoppie got me, so it's really a Channukah present to myself from me and hoppie.

More closeups of this one will probably show up at some point.
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