February 8th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

And swinging back the other way

This week is the week of anti-serendipity. Now I'm not getting to see the people I expected to see.
These things happen.

List five words you feel describe my personality. Feel free to be honest and I'll extend you the same courtesy. (I will screen answers. If you want your answer to remain screened, just say so in the comment, otherwise I'll make them public as I feel like I know most of the bad elements of my personality already, and I'd be happy to list them for you on any given day.)

I am waiting on my car. And not patiently. I don't know when to call them. It's 11:22 already and I haven't heard a report.

I have completed the first half of my February challenge project. Also, I finally located the garnets! Unfortunately, the new necklace design I tried out with them sucks, but I'll keep working on it.