February 9th, 2006


Yes, I'll have the option with the slightly less stupid, thank you.

So I called (I hate that they never call me when the car is ready, but lets leave that aside, shall we?) to find out the status of my car and they told me that the car was ready, and the problem was that the front tire had 12 pounds of air.
You'd think you'd notice that sort of thing. (I'll get to that in a minute.)
So anyone, solies was kind enough to *cough* offer to drive me to get it. On the way there, I mused about how much they would charge me for the honour of putting air in my tires. Not that I wouldn't have deserved it, necessarily. I do believe there should be a tax on stupidity, and I'm not entirely unsure this qualifies, although as it wasn't as obvious as a flat, maybe not as much.

When I got there, they did a number of checks, including some of the same ones I'd done, checking the power steering, checking the break fluid, etc., before noticing the front left tire was at 12 pounds of pressure. They put air, rebalanced, and checked it again 10 minutes later. It had less air. They found the seal had weakened on the tire, resulting in a slow leak. This might account for how it wasn't low enough when I took it to Valvoline to cause comment, but still persisted. They replaced the valve stem, resealed and rebalanced that car, and I felt at least a little bit better about having brought it in.

OMG, need Cadbury's chocolate for Valentines Day. May have to pilgrimage to REeCW's store.. They just sent out a mailing reminding people that good chocolate can be gotten in this country.

Weird dream last night. I was watching an argument between Marketing and Doc about who was more valuable to the company. As I am leaving in 2 months, I didn't care. (Although in the dream, I thought marketing was far and away superior to doc, but I thought it quietly.) Also they optioned Terry Glenn from his owner Corey Glenn. I'm not sure why. MacroMan told me he thought they fit with the new direction of the company. Why the company needs a wide receiver, particularly one so controversial was a little beyond my both my ability to comprehend and my interest, but hey, whatever they need is fine with me.
In another half-remembered dream, hoppie and I accidentally wondered in to Georgia from Northern Kentucky, which is technically impossible, as well as completely absurd. I mean, I realize were were traveling west, but 1) We started in Louisville, which is a long way away from the next state to the West (West Virginia, for those of you playing our "at home" game), not a matter of minutes and b) the only way to get to another state quickly from Louisville is to go North, to Indiana, which is also distinctly not Georgia.
I assume a bunch of this is burning off stress. I'm worried about my sissy (who's from Georgia and her family is still here.) and presumably somewhat about the direction of the company, but the fact that dream me was willing to just get the petty bickering, and ridiculous personnel moves go is a sign that mentally, I'm getting ready to go myself. I consider this a good thing.

I'm troubled by the fact that people keep referring to "Grampa" as "Grampa Munster." He was Lily's father, people! For some reason this bothers me. Even Munsters.com, which is run by Eddie Munster, who should know better, calls him that. Strange.

I'm adding two more projects to my palm list of beading projects. I'm vaguely thinking of stopping by Joanne Fabrics on the way back from work to get their wiremajig thing if it's still on sale for 7$. I'm also thinking of redoing an element of my Feb beading challenge project. Something Liz said last night made me feel like my project is built on an unstable base, and maybe I should use a heavier gauge wire.

In other news, I slept through the night. Like all the way through it. Very odd. Hoppie says this is the beginning of a streak. Well, as Solies says, all streaks start with one one win, so maybe he's right.
Zoe devil

Did I say 2? What I meant was...

Picture if you will. I walk into a meeting.
I remove my palm keyboard from its case and set it up. I put the Palm on the keyboard.
I then pull a bag out of my pocket. I remove a clear plastic case from the bag. I tip it over and dump a small quantity of small red beads on the open keyboard case.
I remove a second plastic case from the bag and dump a small quantity of a different color red beads on the open keyboard case, but far away from the first set.
I then commence to unwinding my thread from a bobbin and start threading beads onto the needle and working it into my project.
As the project manager, do you say anything?
Anyway, I got a bunch of work done on my herringbone stich thing so I'm pleased.
The girls at lunch like it so much, I got a request to make one in blue, which I shall do after this one is done, and over time.
I've got to get through the February list before I can go great guns on the unscheduled projects. And I really should do March too, when February is done, but, you know how these things are.
Why does it feel like all I've talked about this week is beading.
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