February 19th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

Flattery will get you nowhere, James, but don't stop trying

My entire day was taken up by my in-laws. I'm not complaining, merely noting this for when hoppie complains about how much time he has to spend with my parents. 8-)
Hoppie's mom paid me the ultimate compliment. She asked for a pair of earrings to go with the necklace I gave her for her birthday, the turquoise one. I have an idea of what to do.
I'm still missing 3 completed rings, and since I haven't a clue where they vanished off to, I'll have to recreate them. That's quite irritating, as I have no idea if should recreate the ones that were missing (but what if they show up? Then I've got duplicates, and I hate that.) or try to create new designs. We'll I'll work through it.
Baptism was...successful, I guess. Gifts were appropriate, which was nice. Sister-in-law was very understanding, "The things you never thought you'd have to research, huh?"
Exactly so. 8-)
Family is all well.
Thinking about my brother in Daytona.
That's all.
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