April 18th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

A weighty topic

Since I have some time, I thought I would share more moments from my trip. Reading through Overheard in NYC this morning, convinced me to tell this amusing little tale.
Hoppie, my grandmother and I are sitting poolside. This Sweet Young Thing bobs by in the water with a rather high center of gravity.
Reminded of a particular brainiac experiment in female floatation aids, I lean over to hoppie and say in my best "John Tickle" voice,"Does sillicone float in water?"
My MeeMaw looks over at us and says, "Eh?"
"Nothing." I reply quickly.
"Are you pointing out that large chested woman to hoppie? I used to do that with your PeePaw all the time. "Look at that one!, I'd say."
And we all laugh.
This has been quite a weekend for apples and trees and all that.