May 18th, 2006

Black Canary

Weird dreams

I don't remember waking up between some of these dreams, so it may have all been one dream. Highlights include:
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The Lizzie let me come over and play with her last night. That rocked. We had treats.
And then Hoppie grilled out steak. I feel like a cliché. I had chocolate ice cream and then steak. I know Lolo is proud of me.

And our teeths be all clean!!! We went to the dentist this morning and except for some wear on the teeths, I am all good. Hoppie also had a good appointment, from what he said.

I'll take a picture of what I made last night. I've already got a request to do another one in green.
And I have a migraine. And I'm very tired of the office getting so hot in the afternoons.
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