July 5th, 2006

Queen condescending to Alice

Please don't ask me why I smell of Boubon

So on Friday when I went down to my car, I noticed a strong smell of bourbon. I won't say I thought nothing of it, but I did notice it persisted a while. I got home and hoppie came over to greet me and commented on the strong alcohol smell and wondered if I'd had some sort of lunch party with coworkers. I assured him it was nothing so diverting as all that.

This morning, getting into my car, I noticed the same smell of bourbon. I'm now thinking, something of the car that has alcohol in it is leaking. Why it smells like Bourbon, I'm not entirely sure, but maybe I just think it's bourbon because that's normally the alcohol I smell. When I arrive at work, I resolve to investigate to make sure it's nothing something stupid like a broken bottle of bourbon that shouldn't be in my car, before I call the dealer to fix whatever it is that's leaking.

I get out of the car, and look in the back seat. Almost immediately I see the bottle. It's in a bag with a bottle of ET (which is not bourbon). It must be from one of our trips to KY last year and the poor thing never managed to escape the car. The bottle is not broken, the cap's come off, and, though I look for it, I cannot find it.

And so, I have to try try to figure out what to do with an open bottle of Bourbon in my car. I thought for a moment about bringing it into the office, but, no, that didn't seem like the right solution. I secured the bottle in the back seat, but I think, having checked the open bottle law in MA, I'll probably move it to a secure location in the trunk for the drive home. And take back roads. With the windows down.

I actually drove in with the airco on and a window down. The fumes are pretty overpowering. I had to apologize to the people in my meeting. "Uh, there's a very good reason I smell like Bourbon..."
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Oh and something else

I dreamt about someone on my lj friend's list. I don't remember what she looked like in my dream, but I knew who she was because she was wearing her icon on her tshirt. Apparently in my dream, we'd gone to HS together. It just cracks me up that she was wearing her lj icon on her shirt.

That is all.

(No, I'm not high on the angel's share...well, at least I wasn't when I dreamt it. Funny, you know when Brainiac discussed all the ways to get drunk without drinking, I'm sure being locked in a car with an open container of Burbon was never tested.)