August 8th, 2006

Giggle loop

A meme of mine own

So in my dream last night (more about that in a separate post), someone asked me why I was interesting. And I couldn't think of anything. So this morning, I asked Hoppie. He gave me three things:
1) I bead.
2) I speak Hebrew.
3) I'm mentioned on an almost weekly basis on The Writers Radio (a subsidiary of The Writers.)

In the spirit of that, and with the idea that others know us better than we know ourselves, comment, and I'll tell you something interesting about yourself.
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Probably a stupid idea (women only)

It seems to me that's there's a lot self-doubt and questioning of one's self on the wind today.

I was thinking of creating a community where women (sorry guys) can vent their self-doubt and self-loathing, questioning, soul-searching, and general gloomy feelings in a supportive atmosphere.

Of course, some might say that personal journals are an excellent forum for that too.