August 9th, 2006

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About the jewelry party

Had a good time at Cassie's last night. Got to meet some of Cassie's friends and hang out with Janice and Bunny for awhile. We talked about stuff. It was nice. Very low key.
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Hoppie got a call last night right at the end of the Sox game, during his dinner. That sucked.
It all fits like magic (glass slipper)


My Computer! Is Ready!
My Computer! Is Ready!

Hoppie and I will pick it up tomorrow. Can't pick it up tonight. It's 5 and they close at 6 and I just got off the phone with then.
Driving into Boston at end of day rush hour, even with the reverse commute isn't going to happen in an hour. Particularly not from Westford with a stop to collect hoppie.

But My Computer! Is Ready!