August 16th, 2006

Dodo know it all

Laverne and Shirley

I had a dream about Laverne and Shirley and Lenny, and Squiggy going on a group blind date. They sent an advance guy to the house. The advance guy was hysterical. He was blindingly handsome. He walked up to the window, looked in, knocked and smiled at the woman inside. Then when she went to open the door, he waved goodbye to us cheerfully and left. She opened the door and was disappointed to see Lenny and Squiggy.

They explained to me that they always brought an advance guy on blind dates. He'd knock on the door and after he was seen by the blind date, he'd leave and let the real blind date take over. Apparently they used this strategy all the time. It got them through the first step, the visual inspection before the door was opened. Once the door was opened the dates were usually too polite to close them again or admit that she was shallow enough to be interested in the advance guy, but not the real date, so they'd continue the date.

No idea how that worked out ultimately.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

with time to spare

I should be working, but I'm a little freaked out because after a significant number of transactions, suddenly my software decides my license isn't valid. Screw it. I'm going home.
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