October 2nd, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

Let me speak of the awesomeness of this day

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I picked up a calendar at the bookstore yesterday, but with it, I also picked up some cantorial CDs. I'd been thinking for some time I wanted the holiday melodies to listen to. I found a set of likely CDs. I looked at the track list in order to make my decision from a number of CDs they had laid out on the table. I bought the ones that had the songs I wanted to hear listed on it. I wasn't when I got to my car that I looked at the CDs themselves for more information.
It wasn't the fact that Leonard Nemoy was narrating this set that surprised me. To me, he's a vulcan first and a Jew second, but, of course, not everyone sees it that way, including, I expect, himself. That was unexpected, I'll admit, but what really surprised me, although, again, it shouldn't, was that on the CD that I picked up, one of the cantorial soloists was cassie_o's father-in-law. Not only that, without checking what songs he was doing, I recognized him instantly. I heard him sing, and I said, "That's him. Gotta be." And I checked the track listing, and sure enough. It was the 5th song on the CD and the first one that had him listed as the soloist.
I have studies and I have learned, but ultimately, I know nothing. Ultimately in religion as in so many things, I rely on chance, on good companions, and on providence or luck, my own efforts amount to little, but my efforts are absolutely required.

Gmar Chatima Tova.