October 4th, 2006

Friendship according to Jane

Gay Rights

"And I believe in freedom. Freedom for all men. No matter how stupid they are, or how much better I am than they are." - Steve Martin

Seriously though, there is a statement meme making the rounds, "post this if you believe in gay rights." Unfortunately it's written so poorly that I can't tell if they are suggesting that if you, as an lj user believe in ...just Gay Rights, which doesn't tell me if it's equal protection under the law, equal rights, or special rights, and I'm a little bit from Cincinnati, so I'm sensitive to the issue of equal rights vs special rights, or if you believe in gay rights on livejournal. Which sounds silly on its face, but there's a whole breastfeeding rights icon discussion, so who only knows. Also, the quote they use to represent homosexual rights is a male oriented quote, so with one thing and another, I don't feel it's inclusive or representative.

So to conclude - I believe in equal rights for everyone. I don't believe in special rights. I used to believe in affirmative action, but sometimes I don't anymore, and there's no consistency to when I do and when I don't. It's not a personal gain issue, because to the best of my knowledge, I have never directly benefited from affirmative action, although I've known people who have and I was ambivalent at the time about it.

I'm actually almost wiccan in my equal rights believes, with their "and it harm none, do as you will." The government should support that basic theory. Now go away and do good in the world.

But of the original meme, there remains naught but a title, and an idea. (meme came from the_elfster in its original form.)

Edit: The problem with reading LJ backwards, particularly when you're well behind, is that by the time you do catch up, other people have said things better than you. Since then, I've seen a few thoughts on the original meme, and by and large, they cover the same issues, except they address the basic point, which I didn't address, to wit, what's the point of posting a general statement like that in your lj? However, still and all, with everything else that's gone on, no one has ever said it better than Steve Martin as quoted in the line that begins this post. Read it again, just for fun.
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Since I'm so confident....

The first five people Anyone who wants to respond to this post, will get some form of wearable art/art/food, by me, about them that they like. I make no guarantees about quality or type, but I will assure that I will give it good effort and that the wearable art/art/food will be individual to you, so if you get a mixed CD or some sort of painting doodle, jar or baked good, yours is the only one like it.

The only catch, of course; as with most memes, if you sign up, it is desirablepolite that you put this in your own journal as well.

Also,I make no promises about response time. I'll try to do them in a timely fashion, but I can't guarantee inspiration will strike immediately ;) (also, I have other projects going on.)

Obviously I've made some changes to the original text. I'm not trying to figure out how to mail food. Just, no. I'm not promising wearability either. I promise it will be tailored to you.

That is all.

Remember though, I still haven't published those two pictures I was asked for. It's still in my mind, though.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Oh, do you wanna party?

A couple of hundred years ago, the democratic party began, (before that, they were called the Democratic Republican Party.)
They stand for public education, health care, and the welfare of the common man. (Andrew Jackson was the first president who was a Democrat.)
Then in the 1850s, the grand ole' party arrived, (That's the Republicans.)
Promising less government and standin' up for free enterprise.
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