October 13th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

My doc brings all the boys to the yard

I had a stunning doc moment yesterday.
Aura came by at end of day asking me why she couldn't see this new REMOVED she'd made. I walked her through the steps and reproduced her problem exactly and then realized, I knew what the problem was. We never switched the focus of what she was viewing. So she was viewing her latest data, but on the wrong REMOVED. I said you have to update the focus to point to the new REMOVED.
And she said, but I followed the doc.
So I checked the doc for the command and read it to her: "When you create a new REMOVED, your focus continues to display the old REMOVED. If you want your focus to display the new REMOVED, you must change the...[yadda yadda, doesn't matter]."

The point is, my doc pwns!

I left on a happy high note.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

Guilty pleasures

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I went to Liz's last night. Jean was there so we store pets got to have fun. Jean was working on a necklace, ring, and bracelet set for one of her granddaughters who is having a birthday next week. And I was picking up ingredients (components?) for a watch for my MIL. I'm going with gold and pearl. This morning, I realized I might have been better served doing glass pearls which would have allowed me to string hoppie's ideas. Since I did not, I went with a stunningly beautiful strand of round fresh water pearls (with their tiny, tiny holes), I couldn't. I designed two different looks this morning. One is a repeating pattern of 6 mm gold ball followed by 2 8mm pearls, ending with a final gold ball.
The other pattern, which I think I like better is an increasing pattern. 1 gold, 1 pearl, 1 gold, 2 pearls, and so on until the right length is reached (which is after the 4th set).

It was a rollicking good time at Liz's. We all did a lot of venting. It's been a particularly stressful week for everyone. And amazingly our stress sources were completely different. It was refreshing for me to hear about other people's problems. Makes me feel calmer. I don't want anyone to suffer, of course, but there's something cathartic about sharing battle stories.
And it vexes me so

And I know I shouldn't make another post

But I had this odd dream last night.
Leaving aside the part where I was driving a car from the backseat which my BEF in the front passenger seat lecturing me. And the part where I was at the old Club 60 room trying to greet the Attorney General, the part that really freaked me out was when I was driving with Lanna and she was explaining to me that she wanted to bring D to the bank so she could see what would happen if she didn't take care of the odd green growth on her face. (It would fill up will blood and swell like the guy at the bank.) While she's talking to me, I realize she's got what amounts to a vine growing out of her chin. Just one, on the right side, but it's sprouted a bit, and has a thin green tail poking out of the thicker green, I guess root.

Then I look in the mirror and realize I have two green plant-like horns growing out of my chin. They curve just like horns. I wonder how much blood there would be if I cut them out. How much would it hurt? It was pretty creepy. Just thought I'd share.
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HP Friday five

hp_fridayfive questions.
1. Which HP character would you least like to wake up next to, hungover, with no memory of the night before? A dementor. Of course, I probably wouldn't wake up because I'd have no soul, but hey.

2. Of which character did your opinion change most as you read the entire series and why? Sirius Black. When I first met the character, I thought he was great, but then there was that whole thing with Kreature that absolutely killed his character for me. He said it himself, you're not judged by how you behave with your equals, you're judged by how you treat your inferiors. I found him sadly wanting that regard.

3. If you had a time turner, what is something you'd go back and change within the HP series? Harry, look in the damn mirror!

4. Who is the bigger traitor: Snape or Peter Pettigrew? Snape. I've heard a bunch of theories that he's acting on Dumbledore's orders, and that death the next grand adventure, like dessert after the end of a really good meal, but I've read the Vorksoigan series, and I've heard Aral's speech on orders you obey and orders you can't obey. The order to kill Dumbledore, if Dumbledore did in fact issue such an order, is one that shouldn't be obeyed.

5. Which chapter has affected you most? Probably that conversation with Sirius about Crouch cited above. It contained a lot of basic truths that resonated with me.
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Fairytale Princess Amy

The dead do not have upcoming versions

Since my last 20 updates, work has been busy, but the girls did talk me into a road trip to Michaels. I bought a skein of yarn, but more importantly, those copper and glass beads that I got at the bead show a while ago, the ones in yellow and green. Michaels had them in yellow and red (which I'm calling cinnamon). I did not buy them because they were 6$ and I wanted to fetch a coupon to make it worth my while, but wow, cinnamon, very hot, very sexy. I'm going to check the other Michaels to see if they have more of the green. Then I could make a bracelet and earrings to go with the necklace I've already designed.

That would be squeeful.

Hoppie forgot to look at the bracelet (aka: watch), but he gave me some suggestions anyway. Just like a guy, right? I swear I had some of the same conversations with Noah. "I haven't read what you did, but I'm sure you did it wrong." Bah. But it's his mom, so I'm willing to let him have his wicked way.