October 16th, 2006

Dodo know it all

The girl, the gold watch, and everything

The watch came out, not as brilliant as I hoped, but still quite lovely. It's hard to get true color on the pearls, but you can get an idea. They're a nice white. If I had it to redo, and more time to buy supplies (I came up with the watch idea with less than a week till the birthday, so it was hard to mail order, and even with the idea, I hadn't totally committed to anything.) I'd have gotten some gold spacer bars to help keep the strands straight even when the clasp isn't fastened. I ended up going with my ascending pearl idea. Hoppie had proposed a descending pearl concept, but it didn't look as good to my eye. I wanted to give him a chance to chime in on the completed look, but I had to finish the watch before Shabbos/Yom Tov started or I wouldn't be able to finish it. So he didn't get the chance to see the different looks. His loss. Anyway, this is my mother-in-law's reaction to getting the watch. The conversation went something like this:
MIL: Wow. I've always thought I should have a dress watch.
FIL: They got you a watch?
MIL: I think Marci made it.
Hoppie: Well, she didn't make the watch face, or the pearls.

It was very gratifying. Especially as I was concerned she wouldn't like it.

The rest of pictures from the Birthday celebration are here.

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Yesterday my MIL informed us her birthday this year was Heather's 3 and a half birthday.
And that my birthday would be Kevin's 1 and a half birthday.

I never noticed.
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