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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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October 22nd, 2006

02:23 pm - A long way to go
First, I know everyone is waiting with baited breath for my updated voting decisions as we move closer to election day. I watched the debate and came up with idea that everyone running is angry and bitter, and this race is contentious, and the choices are all bleh. So, no decision on that front. I've got an email out to Jill's brother David to find out why he likes Deval Patrick. So far, he hasn't responded, which I'm discovering is rather typical of Patrick supporters who want you to frame their arguments, but can't tell you what makes Patrick so engaging. (Cos and Katie, if you're listening, this is a direct challenge. Give me a reason to vote dem...please. Tell me what you like about this guy, why he should be elected.)

And Issues:
Question 1: I know I said I was voting Yes before, but I've had some conversation in the meantime that convinces me that this isn't a lightening of the blue laws, as I originally thought, but a scam on behalf of the wine industry to sell more wine. Which I'm generally in favor of. But I see no reason to create a wine only class of liquour license for grocery stores. To me it's just more paperwork for the government to shuffle though. If it allowed sales of all alcohol, it might be a easier sell. As it is, with the direct shipping bill going through the legislature, I don't need to buy wine at the grocery store. I can order directly from the vendors. I'd much rather do that. So NO on question 1.

Question 2: No change.

And question 3: You'll remember that I was waiting for an email from my friend Andy who runs a childcare facility, to tell me what would be most beneficial to her. Having no children myself (I bet you guys didn't know that.), I'm going to judge the issue through her eyes, because I figure what's good for Andy is good for small childcare businesses and in the lack of any formed opinions of my own, I might as well do what's good for my buddy. After all, patronism is a part of Mass culture, and I fully embrace it. Finally a cut tag. What Andy had to sayCollapse )
So NO on question 3.
Anyone who wants to steal my opinions as their own, or debate 'em with me, feel free. As seen by question 1, I can be convinced by a good argument.
Something is very wrong with my email. It's confused. If I let it run all day, it might finish and sort itself out. I will discuss that with hoppie.
Dose of religionCollapse )
And since it's not a Jewish holiday, I can go to Liz's today! Squee! But first, laundry!
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