October 27th, 2006


Your up to the minute Nat update

He's in surgery now. The doctor briefed them this morning with this information:
Heart-shaped tumor looks self-contained
Best case scenario is they get the entire tumor out today.
He may have a balance problem for a few weeks, or always. (Not like every other Yesowitch. As my aunt points out, we're not exactly a family of ballarinas. And at least Nat will have an excuse, unlike the rest of us. (Hey! I have an excuse. I have wicked inner ear damage from when I was a child.))
And he'll need to go for an MRI every year.

My mother did not go into lesser optimal case scenarios, so we're clearly hoping for the best, and not expecting the worst. Mom says the doctors are very nice.
Dad adds that they're going to keep Nat sedated for "a day and a half" and he'll be in the hospital through the weekend.
Mom, Dad, and Brian are "feeling their feelings" according to my mother.
Pam and Sissy are being stoic, and sorta bossy, which is how they traditionally deal with things that are upsetting. Mom is trying hard to be there for them if they feel like letting someone else be strong for a change.

I know there's nothing I can do down there. And I keep telling myself that I'm doing good work here too. People need documentation and bug fixes, right?

Your up-to-the-minute Nat update

He's out of surgery. This official diagnosis is Medulloblastoma (http://www.cancerbackup.org.uk/Cancertype/Brain/Typesofbraintumour/Medulloblastoma)
It seems to be clean gone now, according to the surgeon.
He will have to undergo chemotherapy, possibly until he's 8.
They'll do another MRI tomorrow just to make sure everything is okay, no odd blockages or missplaced scar tissue.
And in the interests of disclosure, there's an 80% survival rate.
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