November 3rd, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

Catch-all on a freeform Friday

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Oh so much to prattle on about.
1) Rocker starts his new job Monday. I haven't seen him this animated in a long time. He is, of course, "annoyed" that he got the job. Only his rotten luck would have him get a job offer on the first interview (feel free to kill him later). Now he won't have any time to work on his games with hoppie. Of course, as hoppie works, and as Rocker has had a year to work on his game and has produced zero lines of code, and is just starting work on his prototyping, I'm not going to be feel too badly about that.

Last night in my dreams I was showing Denise matches for a bead she has. Interesting things about the dream:
It was in my old room at my parents house in the pre 16th birthday configuration. (I got a new bed for my 16th birthday and redesigned the room around it.)
In the dream, I went downstairs to the dining room to get my large bead box (which sits at the foot of the couch in real life) and while I was heading upstairs, I was thinking that goldstone would be a great match for the bead. And then I thought how pleased Ann would be because she loves goldstone. The latter is certainly true, but the the former, not so much. I tested the goldstone with the beads this morning and it was vile. So vile, I actually brought it in to show Denise how wrong my conscience mind was. ICK.

Oh I remember now. I wanted to ask how a a panel of professional sportsmen who watch every game all season long end up completing overlooking a team that led the majors in fewest errors, and set a new record for errorless games. Sorry Mike, Mark, Alex, and Kevin. I guess you just weren't quite good enough. Don't know what more you could have done to become good enough. Alex, I guess you could have played more games, but that didn't help Mike, so ya know, there you go. (Actually, I'm not sure I disagree with 1B and 2B. Mark Grudzielanek is just a delight to watch and, at the risk of sounding like a drooling fangirl, I have the love for Mark Teixeira.)

And WOO HOO! Go Cards!

Quick Nat update

Note from Dad:
I think he is doing better in his recovery from the surgery.
Brian was horrified after they explain to him the chemo treatments and their side effects.
---end note

Yeah, they do seem pretty horrific. Poor little guy. More on Sunday then.

And the auction has started. My beads are not up yet because I just finished them last night, but if you'd like a sneak peak, I'm donating this one (which you've all seen before):

And these two pieces, although I'll probably do a necklace to match the silver one, I just haven't yet. (also in: and which show better detail and more true color.)

Good weekend, all.