November 5th, 2006


Update - Nat live and unplugged

Nat did not have to have surgery on Friday . He's looking good, spinal fluid wise. They unplugged him from all the machines and took him off all the medicines which were only wacking him out a bit (even the anti-siezure meds).

Yesterday he went outside in a stroller. He's still in ICU, but that's mostly for round-the-clock nursing staff. My aunt is there.

We read in this morning's Torah's reading about the commandment to visit the sick.
Patrick is Brilliant

Question Deval

I just got a mail from the republicans that proports to explain how Healy and Patrick stand on the gubernatorial issues. The subject line was "Question Deval." I would have been more amused if they'd had an Elizabot with Deval's head that you could question.