November 6th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

Strange dream, and more Nat update

Sometimes I have dreams that seem more real than the reality I wake up to. And it takes awhile to reset my brain.
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My jewelry should go up for auction today. Bid on it so I'm not embarrassed, but only if you might want something. Men, I know you're all feeling helpless over there and somewhat humbled by all the girl stuff in the auctions. Brian said in his long mail that he could use Visa check cards or Gas cards from HESS or RACEWAY/RACETRAC. Or could you buy presents for your women and children. Those super soaker pants work great for kids in diapers, I've seen Nat's.

Brian called last night and gave me basically the same information he mailed out. But one thing you don't get from the letter is how completely exhausted he sounds.