November 9th, 2006


i knew you'd understand

I spoke to Brian last night. He sounds less tired. More...resigned.
He expounded on the chemotherapy treatments for Nat. He'll have four days of shots. They will do a minor surgery to place a ...something catherter (like a plug) in him to make it easier for them to give him shots. So, then the four days of shots at the hospital. Then they go home and every four days, Sissy and Brian give him a shot. After 15 days, if his body has stablelized from the chemo, they wait another 15 days then go in for the next treatment. If he's not stablized after 15 days, they wait until he is, then wait 15 (clean) days before doing the next treatment. This is why the treatment can last from 13 weeks - 2 years.

After the treatments are done, assuming there's no recurrence and all is well, Nat is officially considered in remission and they drop back to a monitoring status.

Nat has been moved out of ICU into what Brian calls, "His new hotel room." He commented on the irony of the situation. He'd been traveling all of Nat's life and with his new job, one of the reasons he wanted to take it, he'd be able to provide a stable homelife he'd be able to provide for Nat and little baby Asher. And now, despite his best efforts, Nat and Asher will have to travel regularly anyway.
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And now, a word from our sponsor

The last post was yesterday's update that didn't get posted for Tuesday. Now I have Wednesday's update.
I spoke to my parents and to my aunt. My aunt just came back from a long weekend with Brian and Sissy. She's very concerned about Brian's mental state. Both she and my dad have talked about this, how he goes immediately to the worst possible conclusions and dwells there for a bit.

This week's issue is Nat's regressions. He was fully potty-trained and pretty verbal. Now he's wearing a diaper and repeating himself alot. He's concerned that the surgeon caused permament neurological damage.

He's such a good little guy.

My dad decided to join my mom when she goes down. This was her original (pre-crisis) trip where she was going to take a week and just hang out with the family. Dad was originally going to let mom go by herself still, but Pam, Sissy's mom will be gone, and Brian sounds like he needs the extra support to keep his spirits up and to help with Asher and make sure Nat is getting enough attention. It's the right decision.

They apologized to me for spending so much time with Brian. It made me want to cry. At a time like this, they're concerned that I might feel neglected or shunted aside. I call nearly every day for updates. I just wish I could go down and do something for Brian. I just want so much to do well at my job. First release, new job. If I were still working my old job, I'd have told them to go screw and gone down for as long as I wanted. I'm glad my parents are going because it makes it easier for me to stay here. Admitting that probably proves that I'm more selfish than if I was jealous of Brian because he's getting more parental visits.

He'll be fine. He just needs more time. That's all.
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A strange magic

I got this letter today from Dawn who is the director of communications for the Brain Tumour Society. I would never have imagined that such a thing existed. They're based in Watertown. The letter is reprinted with permission ('cause I know that was the first think you thought of.)

I receive Google alerts for brain tumor related issues, and Nat has been popping up across the internet thanks to your e-advocacy on his behalf. Families like yours are incredible for raising awareness in the community, in addition to all of the support for Nat that you’re generating.

Since I just discovered that you’re so nearby, I decided to drop you a personal note. I know Nat is getting good medical care, and that there is a strong system of family support for all of you, but please don’t hesitate to contact the Brain Tumor Society if we can be of help. Our website,, is full of information, and our Director of Support Services, Sarah Gupta, is a licensed social worker who coordinates with patients and their families to connect them with resources and answer (non-medical) questions about navigating the process.

Our thoughts are with Nat, and with the rest of your family.

Warm regards,

Dawn Grenier
Director of Communications

A World Without Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor Society
124 Watertown Street, Suite 3H
Watertown MA 02472
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Rule #3

When considering what beads to buy for a project, do not call up The Bead Lady and say, "Do you think I need...." because the answer is always "Yes!"
I just bought 50$ worth of crystal in 5 colors, red (light siam),purple (velvet), black (jet), "crystal moonlight", and vintage rose, which I've been trying to test drive.
It's going to be a happy beading week next week!
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Read Hebrew Across America

I'm doing the intermediate Read Hebrew Across America at the synagogue down the street from hr_macgirl and ckd on Sundays for the next bunch of weeks.
Tril, I'm running away immediately after the class to see Liz, but I could be convinced to come visit with you before the class. It starts at 12.