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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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November 13th, 2006

11:34 am - But how do I tell you that I am in love with you?
Just a note for new people: This post is tagged "natural process" and whenever you see a post tagged "natural process" it means it's a discussion of infertility and those tend to be long, rambly, and rather...depressing and uninteresting.
The text will always, or nearly always, be behind a cut tag for easy skipping.

Tell me sweet little liesCollapse )
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05:15 pm - Things it's hard to do
Explaining to your husband's 13 year old cousin that you're so completely in love with her cousin that you've
a) had a caricature made of the two of you.
b) had it laminated
c) have it hanging in your office
and d) use it a visual representation of yourself on the internet.

At least I married him...
Current Mood: amusedamused
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06:53 pm - The weekend
Oh the rest of the weekend.
It was good. I did some cleaning, some reading, some beading, some crocheting (I'm almost done with Roni's yarmukah, and Masako and Denise both commented on how much better made it is than hoppie's.), and some reading Hebrew.

I'm doing Read Hebrew across America with enochs_fable. It was pretty cool. We're all about the same level give or take some experience points so three of us are sorta learning together. This week's assignment is to read Adon Olam twice a day and play with the text a bit, doing our own translations and watching how the the words are used. Or something like that.

And I got to hang with Liz and do pretty much every type of work there is in the store: string, sorting, counting, bagging, and tagging. I am like an expert.
Current Music: Destiny's Child - Independent Women

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