November 21st, 2006

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I had a sort of unpleasant dream last night. I think it was going to get worse when I woke up. But there was one one good thing, Takis was in it, albeit briefly. He walked with me as I was going from the dorm to my next class. (Yes, it was a college dream.) Amusingly enough though, I put the gym (where my class was) right next to the science buildings between science and architecture. And I was in the wrong dorm. My dorm in the dream is about where the college of law is. And the real gym is over by where my real dorm was, and area of campus in which I spent no dream time at all.
So that's interesting. But generally, the dream was annoying. This is why I'm a misanthrop. It probably had something to do with the conversation I had yesterday with #eboai about bullying.
Penfold downcast

teh stupid

I wish I didn't have this number issue. I'm otherwise pretty smart with a pretty good memory (less than it was, but still pretty on) but then there's NUMBERS. And you know, even some level of transposition is okay. It's handleable. It's, at least marginally workable. But when I can't tell the difference between paying 700$ for something and 200$; how can I manage that?

I'm half tempted to consider trying one of those memory courses and just focus solely on number retention. I want so much to respect my intelligence, but I just have no patience for someone who can't remember a simple series of numbers for more than 5 minutes.
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