November 24th, 2006

Fairytale Princess Amy

The unsent letter

Dear Six,

I know the difference between a bug and an enhancement. A feature is when you don't have anything to click on and you want something. A bug is when you click on something and you get an error. If you'd tried to click on the thing I said was broken (before Thursday, after I fixed it), you'd have noticed it was broken. The director who asked me make sure he had a current copy of what was on the other side of the link would certainly have found it come Monday morning.

But thanks for second-guessing my every move. It does make me feel so welcome.

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Post-Thanksgiving Nat update

So I just spoke to Brian who's probably aware by now that I'm blogging every word of our conversations...
They're on their way to Orlando for a chemo booster shot. He's going to have to get them on day 7 and day 14 of the chemotherapy cycle. Right now he's sleeping. Brian and Sissy say he's definitely having up and down days. There are days when he's chatting away like the old Nat and other days when he just can't find his words. He hasn't done any walking for two days, and he seems to be having difficulty pooping without pain. I wasn't entirely clear what the problem was. Brian said something about needing lots of diaper cream.
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