December 1st, 2006


After 10 and Before 10

It's never good news when the phone rings before 10:00. Never. Sometimes it's not awful news, but it's never good news. Good news, people feel, can wait.
Actually, I did get good news once at 2:AM. That's where I fell in the birth announcement rotation.

I'm stalling. Nat is doing very poorly and right now isn't expected to make it. His kidneys are failing from a disease my dad couldn't pronounce or maybe remember. That's kind of a blur actually.

They put him on dialysis, but his heart can't take the strain and they had to take him off after 4 hours. They don't know what they do for him. Please pray for whatever you believe in, will to live, divine intervention, whatever works for you.

My parents are heading down. I don't know what hoppie and I are doing yet. I'll know after my 9:15 meeting.

I'm wearing bright pink in an effort to be optimistic.
Fairytale Princess Amy

going to FL

I need to swap out my network cable, so I'm offline for the moment. I'll try to keep blogging through phone posts. I'm in hold with US Airways right now and waiting for hoppie to call me back.