January 26th, 2007

Dodo know it all

Sharpe's Siege

So I just finished Sharpe's Siege and I'm nervous about starting the next book, Sharpe's Revenge, because I know what's going to happen with Mrs. Sharpe (Jane). But I suppose I have to get through it to get to the next book. Sharpe's Siege was fabulous. So far one of my favorites.

I also finished watching Volume 1 of the Rifleman Harris Diaries. Jason is quite amusing.

My copy of The Critic arrived too. Hoppie and I have started watching it.

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I finished a bracelet last night. I've been working on it everytime I go to Liz's. It's been a total slug about working on projects at night. I guess I've been a little burnt out from work. Anyway, on day 1 on at Liz, I did the first two rows. Then I did a couple more rows over the weekend. Then Sunday I finished the base and did the embelishments. Then yesterday I added the clasp. It's a stunning bracelet and even though it took me awhile, I'm going to try again and see what it looks like in other color combinations. Or maybe try to change it up a bit, add a bit of my own flair. We'll see.
I'll try to scan it in this weekend. I'm sorta stupid proud of it. It's based on a pattern I got from my bead a day calendar.