February 23rd, 2007

Fairytale Princess Amy

An odd jumble of things

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I'm having a day of ups and downs.
I had to rip out a bunch of stitches because my flower had an extra petal. (stupid flowers)
It took me awhile, but I got myself a new environment set up.
I bought some romance books wicked cheap.
And no writers radio, when I had my heart set on it.

I started off feeling sorta bummed because of the dreams. It's indicative of my larger problem. Sleep doesn't feel restful. When I wake up, I'm tired and unable to return to sleep. I have no idea what to do about it.

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Queen condescending to Alice

The dead do not have teams.

Someone just said something that got me thinking. Celtics legend Dennis Johnson (who according to my coworker who met him, had wicked freckles, which is kinda cool) passed away yesterday. In his discussion about it on sawxblog.com, Derek asked him to pass along greetings to Red.

In a flash, this combined in my head with a conversation I had with lensedqso about her playing touch football with her cousins and it got me thinking.

What if the dead are allowed to choose a team, like in a pickup game of football? Imagine, if you will, you're dead, and your day comes around to pick a companion. Who do you pick? What are your motivations? If theoretically you are allowed to pick, say one person every year after your death, do you spend all year thinking about who it will be? Do you pick someone you love who's suffering so you can end their pain? Do you pick someone you love because you want them with you? Do you pick someone to cause pain to someone else? There are so many possible motives.

Maybe there's a quota, a certain number of people have to die per day. Maybe it's subdivided by region, or religion, or creed who some other obsure metric that only makes sense in the afterlife. Maybe you don't get to pick who dies, but you can exchange a life for a life, like an equal value exchange calculated by whatever metric they use to evaluate these things. That would allow you buy more time for a loved one or bring one to you sooner.

Maybe it's talent-based. You pick someone for death based on the skills they can bring to your crew.

Well, honestly, it's no worse an explanation than some others I've heard.
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