February 26th, 2007

Fairytale Princess Amy

If I had a resolution

I think I've decided to accept my personal behavior like a man.

Instead of being a girl and looking for personal fault in my dealings, and apologizing and trying to "fix" the problem I see in myself, I'm going to do what the men seem to do. I'm going to explain (at length, although how long is certainly optional) why I did what I did, and maybe I'll add in why that's the entirely correct thing to do. It's not a question of justifying bad behavior. Let's not put value judgments on this, it's merely explaining why I'm right. When it's clear there's a disconnect, and it's equally clear that I'm right, why should I apologize and try to "get along" with people or suppress my natural feelings and impulses? Let them, try to get along with me or not. They can explain to me (although I can tune it out if I want) why they're justified in their behaviors and I can explain to them why I'm justified. It all works out and everyone's happy, right?
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