April 16th, 2007

Shego - grrrrrr

The weekend and stuff

So anniversary not totally suck, I guess. Friday itself was horrible, but hoppie bought me a bucket of Kalamata olives (4th year anniversary present: fruits and flowers, check!), and a fruit basket. He said he would have gotten a bouquet, but all the ones he saw were sorta eh. I didn't get him anything, because I refused to leave the house.

On Sunday, I took his car to get his present. I got a Peace Lily plant, potted in a lovely purple (to echo wedding colours (not a perfect match, but close enough to be reminiscent) pot and a gift certificate to our local chain garden store (Mahoney's). I focused more on the "flower" element. It's good. I miss my peace lily.

I just got a call (and I'm still in the seething stage) from the Chrysler people and they had the replace the radio. But not to worry, it's covered under my warrantee, less my 100$ deductible. GRRRRRRr. I said, "Uh, shouldn't this be covered as part of the work you did last week?" She went to ask the service manager.
Just talked to her again. No, it's a different thing. The radio was broken and they had to replace it. I said, "You don't admit that you caused the problem? Cause it working when I brought the car in on Friday and it was not working when I left."
"Oh, I didn't know that. I wasn't the one who had your case on Friday."
OMGWTF! Didn't that guy write up what the appointment was for when he claimed on Friday, when I brought the car back, that he would make me an appointment to check the electrical system? DUDE! Computers! DO YOU USE THEM?

They're coming to pick me up and then I'll get to fight with the service manager myself. They were proposing that I pay the 100$ deductible and they'd talk to Chrysler and see if I could get reimbursed? What for? If they didn't cause the problem, they'd be no need to reimburse me. And if they did cause the problem, and they totally did, I shouldn't have to pay for it at all. UGH. So steamed.
Fairytale Princess Amy

Steam, Lather, Repeat

Okay, so I spent the entire trip to the service station working up a good head of steam to vent when I got there. So I walk in, go to the triage desk. The poor slob lady who called me earlier walked to the bookkeeper's desk (which looks like a receptionist's desk) and asked me follow. I thought she was going to summon me into one of the offices so she could keep the entire room from hearing my meltdown. But no, I stood on the other side of the receptio... bookkeeper's desk. She handed me the work order and told me Phil, the service manager had agreed to waive the deductible in consideration of me having paid it on Friday.

What? Why did I expend all that energy maintaining my level of mad if all that was going to happen was what I wanted, minus the fuss.

So I got home. When I got home, I started programming the radio and I realized that the cassette that was in is wasn't anywhere obvious inside my car. So, *sigh*, I called the dealership again and spoke to the same lady who's probably just as sick of me as I am of them. She went to talk to the service manager who said that the cassette was still in the radio. With no power to the radio, there was no way to eject the tape. They'll send the part to Chrysler who will eject the CD and send it back. Then they'll call me and I can go fetch it.

So, okay. I get it, but gah, they couldn't just mention it! Lori thought it might be that they never actually checked to see if there was something in the radio, but kind of a no-brainer, right? Why do I have to call and nag? I'm so tense and frustrated!

Anyway, the car is all better now.

Edit: In an effort to refresh my memory, I went back and read the previous car tagged posts to find out a number of strange things:
1) I've mentioned Evil Kellie by name in a previous post, so there's no reason to not identify her as the triage goddess here.
2) I can cancel my service contract and get it prorated back if I want to.
3) Last problem I had was wiper blades not turning on. This one was wiper blades not turning off. What conclusions, if any, can we draw from this?
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