April 30th, 2007


Chain letter

I just got a chain letter.

And I know what you're all thinking. BFD. I get bunches of them in spam daily. And you do. And so do I, in our emails. But this chain letter came in the real mail. I didn't think people did those anymore.

My aunt Donna sent me a scratch ticket on a list with two names. You make send 1 scratch ticket to the number 1 name on the list of two. Then you send 6 more scratch tickets, 1 each, to 6 people of your choosing. You remove the name from the number 1 position (the person you sent a ticket to in the first part) and move the other name (the person who sent it to you) up, and add your name.

I have no idea what to do with this. I must consult with hoppie. I may just send the ticket bcak to Aunt Donna. Or scratch it and split the winnings with her if it's a winner.